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Visualize your dreams coming true before your eyes

Are you ready to tap into the infinite power of your own imagination? Neville Goddard's teachings can guide you there!

Imagine being able to mold and shape your reality, just like a potter with a lump of clay.

It's all about understanding that you are the divine creator of your own life.

Imagine this: You're like a really good chef in your own outer space kitchen, making a yummy success soufflé.

But before you can start cooking, you must gather the best ingredients and tools.

In this case, your mind is your kitchen, and your imagination is the secret sauce that makes everything pop.

Now, imagine that your desires are like seeds you plant in the fertile soil of your mind.

With the right care and attention, they will grow into a beautiful garden of success.

Let me tell you a little parable.

Once upon a time, a person kept yearning for a mini-bike.

After doing a bunch of creative stuff, they figured out they didn't really want a mini-bike after all.

They felt so much better when they found out they didn't need that heavy bike after all.

Now, think of your desires as mini-bikes.

Maybe there are things you think you want, but do you really want them?

Take a moment to commune with your heart and be silent.

Visualize what it would be like to have those desires fulfilled.

Are they truly aligned with your ultimate success goals?

Imagine changing those wants into something better and more in line with your real purpose.

You can shape and mold your dreams into something truly spectacular.

You are the potter, and your imagination is the clay.

Remember, success is not just about accumulating more things.

It's about aligning with your true purpose and living a life that brings you joy and fulfillment.

So, take a moment to reflect on what you truly desire.

See it, picture it, and know for sure that it's coming true right now in your world.

As you read these emails and learn from Neville Goddard, you'll begin a journey to unlock your imagination's power and find success in every part of your life.

The power is within you, and the more you tap into it, the more you will see an increase in every aspect of your life.

So, keep reading, imagining, and believing in the infinite possibilities unfolding before you.

Here's to shaping your success with the power of your imagination!

Wishing you boundless success and joy,

Bradley Woods


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