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Tired of Missing Your Targets? Learn The Law of Clear Vision!

Focus on the target, take action, and see your dreams become reality - learn The Law of Clear Vision.

Life can be challenging, but if you learn to use the power of Clear Vision, you can make your life much easier and more rewarding!

Let me tell you a story about an archer who wanted to hit a target. He was in a contest where he had to hit the middle of target #16 to win. This archer closed his eyes and let the arrow fly, but the result? He hit any one of those 20 targets - or none of them at all!

The problem with this approach is that life isn’t always so forgiving. If you don’t see clearly in your mind what you want, you could just as easily end up with a Ford as a Lamborghini. That’s why it’s critical to understand The Law of Clear Vision.

To prove this to yourself, try this simple experiment: Stand in the middle of a room with a decent amount of open space and pick out an object on one of the walls. This is your target. Now, with your eyes wide open, focus on your target. Imagine exactly what it looks like and how you’ll feel when you hit it. Now, throw something at it, and see what happens.

I bet you hit the target! That’s because when you take the time to really focus on the target, you’re much more likely to reach it. This is the power of The Law of Clear Vision.

If you want to get a new car, you need to see it clearly in your mind. Don’t just aim your arrow blindly; focus on what you want and take action. That’s how you can hit any target!

Just remember: focus on the target, take action, and you’ll hit it!

So next time you’re facing a big challenge, don’t just close your eyes and throw your arrow blindly. Instead, take some time to imagine what it looks like, and what it will feel like when you achieve it. That’s the power of The Law of Clear Vision!

Wishing you the best on your journey,

Bradley Woods

Please read the below affirmation, write it down, record it in your voice, repeat it over and over again, and let it seep into your subconscious mind. It has transformed you for the better from the inside out.

I focus on my goals and take inspired action. My vision is clear and my path is illuminated. I understand The Law of Clear Vision and am able to use it to my advantage - I see my target and take action to hit it. I am dedicated to reaching my goals and expectations. I have the determination and courage to succeed. I am confident that I will reach my goals with a clear vision.

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