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The power of my thoughts creates my reality. 🔥

Did you know that we can attract whatever we want in life, simply by Creating an Atmosphere of Success?


It’s true!


You can even send your thoughts worldwide and have them bring back to you whatever you’d like.


But it’s not always easy.


So how can you make sure you’re sending out the right thoughts?


First, you must Clear your Mind of Unbelief.


To do this, Focus on What is True.


Remind yourself that everything is governed by law, and whatever you think has already come into being.


Once you’ve done that, you’ll be ready to start Wealth Consciousness.

Now it’s time to think of success.


Visualize Yourself Surrounded by the Things you Desire and know that you are one with the infinite.


Speak with Calm and Perfect Trust, and know that whatever you speak will be established forever.


Establish an irresistible power in the environment of your business.


Fill it with the power of success that will draw from near and far.


You can do this by Omitting Doubt, Fear and Confusion, and Replacing Thoughts with Success.


Having Faith and Optimism, Trusting in the Universe and knowing that only good can come of it.


By following these steps, you can make your dreams a reality. It’s never too late to start creating a life you love!


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Bradley Woods


I accept that I create my own reality. I choose to think positive and powerful thoughts that bring into my life the outcomes I desire. I trust that the Universe is on my side and that whatever I think, I will become.


I fill my environment with an atmosphere of success that will attract all that I need. I speak my words with courage and conviction, knowing that my inner power will take it up.


I look upon the world with faith and optimism, seeing myself surrounded by the things I want and knowing that I am the things I want.


I am one with life and life is one with me. I have faith and trust that this union will bring me success.


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