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You create deliberately and attract what you desire

Are you ready to activate the vibrational force of success within you?

It all starts with a little focus and the power of your thoughts.

When you're thinking about something, it's like turning into a radio station. The more you think about it, the more likely you are to attract similar things.

Think of your thoughts like little magnets. They attract similar thoughts and make a point of attraction that grows bigger.

If you focus your thoughts for 17 seconds, it can start something good. But if you keep focusing for 68 seconds, that's when the really good stuff can happen.

Now, I know what you're thinking – 68 seconds sounds like a long time to focus on something, especially if it's a negative thought.

But here's the thing—the range of life experiences may be vast, but the emotional range is manageable.

No matter where you are in life, you're not that far from the Vortex of success.

So, how do you shift your focus from negative thoughts to positive ones? It's all about choosing based on how you want to feel.

Sure, you may be facing challenges and setbacks, but there's always a better feeling to reach for.

Picking something is like choosing food from a menu. There are lots of choices, but you pick the one that makes you happiest.

And speaking of menus, life is like a buffet.

There's a vast array of experiences, but the emotional range remains the same.

If you live in a fancy place or if things are tough, feeling happy or feeling powerless is not so different.

It's all about finding the emotional sweet spot and letting that guide your focus.

But hey, no one said it's easy!

Training your expectation to satisfy the good feeling you're reaching for takes practice.

It's like training for a marathon – you have to put in the work to see results.

Once you match what you hope for with what you want, that's when things really start to change.

Focus on things that make you feel good, and try to think about good things more often. You'll be amazed at how your thoughts can make good things happen!

Success doesn't just happen by luck. It happens when you create and control your feelings to attract the things you want.

It might seem silly to some, but once you realize how strong your thoughts and feelings are, you can't go back.

So, keep reading my emails, and watch as your success grows with each passing day.

Remember, the more you focus on the positive, the more success you will attract.

In the words of a famous pop culture icon – "You've got the power! Use it wisely and watch your success soar."

Here's to activating the vibrational force of success within you!


Bradley Woods

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