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How to Achieve Success: The Power of Mind and Law

Why do so many people fail?

The ordinary individual sitting down to plan success for their own online business unconsciously does just the thing they should have avoided.

They do not get the desired results.

Most people sit and wish for, or long for, something. They may even have a powerful desire or hope to fulfill.

All this is positive, but it does not go far enough.

What we must do is provide that already-having-received-it attitude.

This may seem hard at first. However, we can easily see that it is necessary, and as it is the only way the mind works, this is what we must do.

Power, mind, and life are inside us, but they must flow through us to manifest.

We deal with laws, and to work with them, we must obey them.

This law is as natural as any other law of God. You will get the desired results using it with the same intelligence as the law of electricity or gravity.

Around the thought form we provide, divine energies play and attract the conditions necessary to fulfill the thought.

Affirming our success is all we need to do, but before we can do this, we must free our minds from any fear or sense of separation from the infinite.

Although law exists, it must be applied to our own lives.

We cannot experience anything unless our own consciousness first accepts it.

It may not always be clear to us what is going on inside, but with practice, we can control our thoughts more and more, allowing us to believe what we want.

We all possess the capacity to know and use the law, but we must be conscious of it.

To achieve this, we need to practice, learn from our experiences and put what we know into practice.

Power comes to those most aware of the Divine Presence and whose lives are guided by this active principle.

We all need more acting and less wishing.

Our recognition is all that it takes for something to spring into existence, bringing all the power of the universe with it.

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Bradley Woods

I am one with the divine power of the universe and within me lies a great source of strength. I am able to manifest my dreams and desires, as I have the power to tap into this limitless energy. My life is guided by the principles of love, peace, and abundance that allows me to create the life I desire. I create my reality with an open heart and conscious mind. I affirm that the universe is abundant and I am surrounded by its beauty and grace. I recognize that I am an integral part of this greater power and I use the law of attraction to draw into my life all that I need to experience prosperity and success.

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